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Expected by end 2015

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Bit9 + Carbon Black is the market leader in next-generation endpoint security. The company expects that by the end of 2015 it will achieve $70M+ in annual revenue, 70 percent growth, 7 million+ software licenses sold, almost 2,000 customers worldwide, partnerships with 60+ leading managed security service providers and incident response companies, and integrations with 30+ leading security technology providers. Bit9 + Carbon Black was voted Best Endpoint Protection by security professionals in the SANS Institute’s Best of 2014 Awards, and a 2015 SANS survey found that Carbon Black is being used or evaluated by 68 percent of IR professionals. Companies of all sizes and industries—including more than 25 of the Fortune 100—use Bit9 + Carbon Black to increase security and compliance.

Bit9 + Carbon Black is privately held and based in Waltham, Mass. For more information about Bit9 + Carbon Black, contact us or call +1 617-393-7400.

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