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7.1.15 Alpine Security Joins “Bit9 + Carbon Black Connect” Alliance Program as an MSSP and IR Partner

6.23.15 2015 Point-of-Sale Security Assessment Finds Awareness and Budgets Rising but Reliance on Antivirus Putting Data at Risk

6.17.15 Free Webinar—“Zero-Day Defense: The Power of Actionable Threat Intelligence and Continuous Endpoint Data Collection”

6.16.15 Free Webinar: “Optimizing Your Security Defenses for Today’s Targeted Attacks”

6.11.15 Bit9 + Carbon Black Announces 2015 User Xchange Conference

6.10.15 Free Webinar—“Get Past the Noise: Understanding Endpoint Security Approaches”

6.2.15 CTO Harry Sverdlove to Speak on Endpoint Security Panel at Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit

5.29.15 Free Webinar: “Practical Security Control Mapping for Financial Services Organizations”

5.28.15 Free Webinar: “No Migration Necessary: How to Run Windows Server 2003 Safely After End of Life”

5.27.15 Free Webinar: “Why Your Endpoints Are Still at Risk—And What You Can Do About It”

5.21.15 Rapid7 Joins “Bit9 + Carbon Black Connect” Alliance Program as Incident Response Partner

5.19.15 Bit9 + Carbon Black Joins Toshiba’s Together Commerce Alliance

5.19.15 Bit9 + Carbon Black IR Partner Program Signs 40 IR Firms and Trains more than 400 IR Professionals in less than One Year

5.14.15 SpearTip Joins “Bit9 + Carbon Black Connect” Alliance Program as an MSSP and IR Partner

5.14.15 HumanFirewalls LLC Joins “Bit9 + Carbon Black Connect” Alliance Program as an IR Partner

5.7.15 Nearly Half of U.S. and U.K. Companies Still Using Windows XP a Year after End of Life

5.5.15 Advanced Threat Analytics Joins “Bit9 + Carbon Black Connect” Alliance Program as an MSSP Partner

5.1.15 Free Webinar—“Patient Healthcare Data is Under Constant Attack: Steps You Can Take to Mitigate the Problem”

4.30.15 Free Webinar: “Building a Sophisticated Endpoint Defense Strategy with Full Security Lifecycle Protection”

4.29.15 Bit9 + Carbon Black Joins Microsoft Virus Initiative and Virus Information Alliance

4.17.15 Intrust IT Joins “Bit9 + Carbon Black Connect” Alliance Program as MSSP Partner

4.15.15 Bit9 + Carbon Black Adds Major Capability Enhancements to its Next-Generation Endpoint Threat Protection Platform

4.7.15 Active Canopy™ Joins “Bit9 + Carbon Black Connect” Alliance Program as MSSP and IR Partner


12.18.14 DIGITS LLC Joins “Bit9 + Carbon Black Connect” Alliance Program as Incident Response (IR) Partner

12.11.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Named “2014 Industry Innovator” by SC Magazine

12.11.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Joins Microsoft System Center Alliance

12.4.14 Introducing the Bit9 + Carbon Black User eXchange, an Online Collaboration Community

12.4.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Free Webinar—“Implementing a Security Maturity Framework: 5 Levels to Improving Your SOC”

12.3.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Free Webinar—“Real-Time Breach Discovery: Accelerate Your Response by Combining Community Threat Intelligence with Proactive Data Collection”

12.2.14 Digital Hands Expands Role in “Bit9 + Carbon Black Connect” Alliance Program by Becoming Incident Response (IR) Partner

11.24.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Appoints Chris Menard Chief Financial Officer

11.21.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Free Webinar: “Gaining Defense-in-Depth on the Endpoint—Is Antivirus Enough?”

11.18.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Named to Boston Globe’s “Top Places to Work 2014”

11.14.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Free Webinar: “A No Worries Guide to Windows Server 2003 End of Life”

11.7.14 BTB Security Joins “Bit9 + Carbon Black Connect” Alliance Program as MSSP and IR Partner

11.5.14 Digital Hands Joins “Bit9 + Carbon Black Connect” Alliance Program as Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) Partner

11.4.14 KONSULTEK Joins “Bit9 + Carbon Black Connect” Alliance Program as Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) Partner

10.27.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Free Webinar: ‘How Retailers Can Avoid the Black Friday Blues’

10.22.14 Damballa and Bit9 + Carbon Black Partner to Deliver Integrated Network and Endpoint Protection

10.20.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Announces 2014 User Xchange Conference

10.17.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Free Webinar: “The Need for Malware Detection and Response,” Oct. 22, 2014 at Noon EDT

10.7.14 General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions Uses Carbon Black to Help Customers Rapidly Detect and Respond to Active Data Breaches

10.1.14 RKON Technologies Joins “Bit9 + Carbon Black Connect” Alliance Program as Incident Response (IR) Partner

9.29.14 STIGroup Joins “Bit9 + Carbon Black Connect” Alliance Program as Incident Response (IR) Partner

9.23.14 Red Canary Joins “Bit9 + Carbon Black Connect” Alliance Program as Breach Detection Partner

9.22.14 Allegheny Digital Joins “Bit9 + Carbon Black Connect” Alliance Program as Incident Response (IR) Partner

9.17.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Appoints David Flower Managing Director for EMEA

9.15.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Free Webinar: “How to Reduce the Complexity of PCI Assessments”

9.4.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Free Webinar: “In the Crosshairs: Locking Down Point-of-Sale Systems”

9.2.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Free Webinar: “Get Smart: Consuming Threat Intelligence to Advance your Cyber Security Program”

8.25.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Free Webinar—”Unrivaled Protection Centralized Control: Defending Linux Servers against Advanced Threats”

8.13.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Free Webinar—”Advanced Threat Hunting: Identify and Track Zero-Day Attacks Infiltrating Your Organization”

8.12.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black CFO to Speak at Financial Conferences in Boston

8.11.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black CEO to Speak at Pacific Crest Securities Global Technology Leadership Forum

8.8.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Free Webinar—”Incident Response: Growing and Maturing an IR Capability

8.5.14 Kroll Joins “Bit9 + Carbon Black Connect” Alliance Program as Incident Response Partner

8.5.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Free Webinar: “How PCI 3.0 Impacts Your Security Posture & Compliance”

7.31.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black and Stroz Friedberg Form Partnership for Incident Response

7.29.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Announces Carbon Black Version 4.2

7.29.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Announces Bit9 Security Platform Version 7.2

7.29.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Announces Industry’s First Integrated Endpoint Threat Prevention, Detection and Response Solution

7.29.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Introduces Comprehensive Threat Intelligence Cloud Service

7.22.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Free Webinar—”The Modern Incident Responder: Detect, Respond and Recover from a Data Breach”

7.15.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Appoints Eric Pyenson Vice President & General Counsel

7.9.14 New Cyber Security Survey Shows Only 12% of UK Organisations are Completely Confident their Endpoints are PCI Compliant

7.9.14 New Cyber Security Study Shows 64% of Companies Expect to be Target of Cyber Attack within the Next Year

6.23.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Free Webinar: “How Modern Endpoint Security Enhances Auditing and Compliance”

6.19.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black CSO to Speak on Endpoint Security Panel at Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit

6.10.14 Bit9 Free Webinar: “Endpoint Threat Detection, Response and Prevention for Dummies”

6.10.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Helps Enterprises Understand Today’s Advanced Threats and How to Protect their Assets with new eBook ‘Endpoint Threat Detection, Response and Prevention For Dummies

6.4.14 Bit9 Free Webinar: “PCI DSS 3.0 and the POS Threat Landscape”

5.19.14 Bit9 Free Webinar—”Hardening Windows XP Against Memory Attacks: Getting the Most from Data Execution Protection”

5.13.14 Bit9 & Kroll Free Webinar—”Life After a Data Breach: Identifying and Containing Advanced Threats at the Moment of Compromise”

5.8.14 Bit9 Endpoint and Server Security Platform Integrates with Check Point Software Technologies’ Next-gen Firewall and Threat Emulation Offerings

5.7.14 Bit9 & Dark Reading Free Webinar—New Incident Response Model Emerges Enabling Rapid Response to Advanced Attacks in Motion

4.15.14 Bit9 + Carbon Black Provides Real-time Detection and Response Capabilities to Dell SecureWorks’ New Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection Managed Service

3.31.14 Bit9 Channel Success Fuels Company’s Continuing Explosive Growth

3.25.14 Bit9 Free Webinar—Designing an Adaptive Security Architecture
to Protect Against Advanced Threats

3.4.14 Bit9 Free Webinar—The Failure of Traditional Endpoint Protection

2.19.14 ‘Bit9 Connect’ Alliance Program Integrates Industry-leading Endpoint/Server Security Solution with Top Network Security, Analytics, Threat Intelligence, and Security Service Provider Solutions

2.18.14 Bit9 Partners with Check Point Software Technologies to Deliver Integrated Network and Endpoint Security Solution

2.13.2014 Bit9 and Carbon Black Merge to Deliver an Unmatched Level of Prevention, Detection and Response against Cyber Threats

1.29.2014 Explosive Demand for Advanced Threat Protection Propels Bit9 to Record Growth in 2013

1.22.14 Bit9 Announces Support for Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS 6.0; Joint Customers Benefit from Network-to-Endpoint Visibility and Control to Stop Advanced Threats


12.31.13 Bit9 Enhances Cloud-based Software Reputation Service

12.10.13 Bit9 Free Webinar: Under Attack: Managing Advanced Threats Infiltrating Your Servers

11.20.13 Bit9 and Palo Alto Networks Free Webinar: Malware Analysis & the Endpoint—The Power of WildFire on Every Device

11.12.13 Bit9 Sponsoring Free Webinar: New Requirements for Endpoint Security

11.06.13 Bit9 Hosts Largest User Conference in Company History

11.05.13 Bit9 2013 Server Security Survey Finds Continuing Drop in Confidence of Detecting and Stopping Advanced Attacks on Enterprise Servers

11.04.13 Bit9 Free Webinar—Malware Detection Comes of Age

10.25.13 Bit9 Free Webinar—Stay Secure Beyond Windows XP End of Life

10.08.13 Bit9 Free Webinar—Cracking the Endpoint: Inside the Head of a Hacker

9.23.13 Bit9 Free Webinar on Mitigating Java Vulnerabilities in Your Enterprise

9.16.13 Bit9 Presents Free Webinar from Ultimate Windows Security: Bridging the Gap between Network and Endpoint Security

9.5.13 Bit9 Free Webcast—Allies in Battle: When Next-gen Network and Endpoint Security Solutions Team Up to Defeat the APT

9.5.13 Bit9 Free Webcast: Next-gen Network and Endpoint Security Solutions Team Up to Defeat the APT

8.28.13 Endpoint Security is Biggest Concern of Enterprise: IT and Security Teams in 2013 Bit9 Cyber Security Study

8.22.13 Bit9 Announces Seminar Series to Show IT and Security Leaders how to Connect their Network and Endpoints/Servers—before Malware Does

8.13.13 Bit9 and Palo Alto Networks Free Webinar: Combat Advanced Threats with Next-Generation Threat Prevention

7.29.13 Bit9 Announces Free Tool to Assess Advanced Threat Risks on PCs

07.23.13 Bit9 Introduces the Bit9 Platform for Mac, a new generation of enterprise Mac security based on real-time visibility and protection

07.18.13 Bit9 Research Shows Java is Most Targeted Endpoint Technology for Cyber Attacks; Widely Deployed Older Versions Pose Greatest Risk

7.9.13 Bit9 and SANS Free Webcast—Converging Endpoint and Network Data Analysis for Improved Visibility and Control

06.20.13 Webcast: Why your Current Endpoint Security is Doomed to Fail

06.12.13 Bit9 Names Nick Levay Chief Security Officer

06.11.13 Bit9 Presents Free Webcast from Ultimate Windows Security – APT Confidential 14 Lessons Learned from Real Attacks

06.04.13 Bit9 and FireEye Free Webcast—Investigating and Remediating Security Incidents: How Prepared Are You?

05.29.13 Bit9 and EMA Free Webcast—Overcoming Blind Spots in Network, Endpoint and Server Security

05.21.13 Bit9 Introduces the Bit9 Connector for FireEye, the First Real-time Endpoint and Network Security Integration Solution

05.21.13 Bit9 Introduces the Bit9 Connector for Palo Alto Networks, Enabling the First Integrated Real-time Endpoint and Network Security Solution for APTs

5.20.13 Bit9 and FireEye Free Webcast—Today’s Advanced Threats Require Next-generation Protection

03.29.13 Bit9 Free Webcast—How Integrating Server, Endpoint and Network Tools will Improve your Security Posture

03.21.13 Bit9 2013 Server Security Survey Shows Concerns about Targeted Malware Rising

03.12.13 Bit9 Delivers Three Industry Firsts in Advanced Threat Detection and Forensics

03.11.13 Bit9 Names Ed Filippine VP of Worldwide Sales

02.25.13 Bit9 Announces Industry’s First Real-time Endpoint and Network Security Integration Strategy

02.25.13 Bit9 Announces Partnership with FireEye to Integrate Industry-leading Endpoint and Network Security Solutions

02.25.13 Bit9 Announces Partnership with Palo Alto Networks to Integrate Industry-leading Endpoint and Network Security

01.31.13 Bit9 Free Webcast—Application Control: An Essential Tool to Combat Malicious Software


12.21.12 CRN Names Bit9 Business Development Director one of Most Powerful Women of the Channel 2012

12.12.12 Bit9 is First Security Company to Announce it Stopped Gauss Malware from Executing in its Customer Base

12.03.12 Bit9 Free Webcast: Enhancing Security Through a Trust-based Approach

11.15.12 Bit9 Free Webcast – Server Security: What Organizations Need to Know

11.13.12 EMA and Bit9 Free Webcast – Today’s Application Control and Whitelisting: Realistic Security, Realistically Deployed

11.13.12 Bit9 CTO to Deliver Keynote at API Cybersecurity Conference in Houston

11.01.12 Security Risks Posed by 100K Android Apps, According to Bit9 Research

10.16.12 Bit9 CTO to Present the “Future of Cyberattacks” at IP EXPO in London

10.02.12 Bit9 Delivers Three Industry Firsts in the Fight Against Advanced Threats and Malware

08.23.12 Bit9 Webcast: Privilege Management for Increased Security: Is Removing Rights Just Plain Wrong?

08.13.12 Bit9 Webcast: Traditional Security Fails in Virtualized Environments

08.08.12 RSA and Bit9 Team to Accelerate Cyber Forensics Investigations

08.07.12 Honeywell Integrates Bit9 Advanced Threat Protection into its Experion Control System Platform

08.06.12 The Future of Cybersecurity: It’s a Matter of Trust, Says Bit9’s CEO

07.30.12 Sequoia Capital Leads Investment in Bit9 to Expand Leadership in Advanced Threat Protection

07.19.12 Bit9 to Demo Application Control at Black Hat USA 2012

06.21.12 Bit9 Security Reliance Partner Program Grows Over 200%

06.20.12 Live Webcast from Only Security Company to Snuff Flame Malware While 43 Antivirus Solutions Got Burned

06.20.12 Bit9 Appoints Eric Schurr as Chief Marketing Officer

06.12.12 Bit9 Sponsors Ohio CISO Executive Summit

06.07.12 Bit9 Attending and Sponsoring Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit

06.06.12 Gilbarco Veeder-Root Expands Bit9 OEM Agreement

06.05.12 Bit9 First IT Security Company to Report that it Stopped Flame Attack in a Customer Network

05.23.12 Bit9 to Host Webinar Highlighting 2012 Cyber Security Research Report

05.21.12 Bit9 to Showcase Cutting Edge Technology at NACStech 2012

05.16.12 Bit9 to Speak at CEIC 2012 on Cyber Forensics and Application Control

04.30.12 Bit9 Launches IT Security Video Series

04.23.12 61% of IT Security Professionals Are Concerned About Attacks from Anonymous and Hacktivists

04.23.12 Over half of UK companies expect a cyber-attack in next six months

04.18.12 Bit9 Sponsors Eighth Annual Hotel Technology Forum

04.18.12 Bit9 Commits to EMEA with Strong Expansion Plans

04.10.12 Bit9 Named Finalist in SC Magazine Awards Europe 2012

03.29.12 Bit9 Sees a 150% Increase in Targeted Domain Controller Attacks

03.29.12 Bit9 to Attend 2012 DoDIIS Conference

03.21.11 Bit9 Earns Common Criteria Level EAL2+ Evaluation

03.12.12 Bit9 Provides the Best Protection against Advanced Malware in Independent Tests

03.12.12 Bit9 to Speak at a Series of Upcoming Data Connector Security Conferences in 2012

02.27.12 Bit9 Announces New Platform to Stop Advanced Persistent Threats

02.27.12 Johns Hopkins To Speak at RSA 2012 About Its Security Deployment With Bit9

01.31.12 Solers Proactively Protects Sensitive Government Data with Bit9 Parity Suite

01.31.12 Bit9 Attends e-Crime Germany 2012

01.23.12 2012 PCATS Annual Conference

01.15.12 National Retail Federation’s (NRF) 101st Annual Convention & Expo

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