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Analyst Reports

Best Practices: Securing Medical Devices Against Cyberthreats

Best Practices: Securing Medical Devices Against Cyberthreats

In this study IDC Health Insights examines the cyber risks that networked medical devices introduce to healthcare providers. Download the report to learn about these threats, as well as what device providers and healthcare organizations can do about them.

Should You Buy Endpoint Security from a Network Security Vendor?

Should You Buy Endpoint Security from a Network Security Vendor?

Endpoint security is very different from network security. But network security vendors are seeking to increase their revenue by offering one-size-fits-all solutions that claim to secure both an organization’s network and its endpoints. In light of this trend, which sacrifices best-of-breed expertise in favor of convenience, three leading industry analysts have written about why it’s best to buy endpoint security from a company that specializes in protecting endpoints against today’s advanced, targeted attacks.

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Case Studies

Bit9 Case Study Portfolio: Advanced Threat Protection in Action

Bit9 Case Study Portfolio: Advanced Threat Protection in Action

Download our case study portfolio now to learn how 12 of your fellow retailers and hospitality organizations are addressing today’s advanced threats targeting their point-of-sale (POS) systems.

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Data Sheets

Corporate Brochure

Corporate Brochure: Endpoint Threat Prevention, Detection and Response

A new generation of threats is attacking your endpoints and servers—you need a modern defense. Today’s attackers are after the data and intellectual property on your endpoints and servers. If you’re relying on traditional endpoint security, such as antivirus, you’re putting your organization at risk. AV doesn’t see or stop targeted attacks, nor does it help you respond to an incident. You need to arm your endpoints so that you can easily see and immediately stop advanced threats.

Carbon Black Data Sheet

Carbon Black: One Solution for Continuous Endpoint Recording, Live Response & Threat Remediation

Carbon Black’s latest release has expanded its sensor operating system coverage to include Mac and Linux—in addition to Windows. There are no changes to the server or console, so you have a single, consistent interface for signature-less threat detection and continuous response—regardless of the diversity of endpoints in your enterprise.

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Research Reports

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Threat Advisors

Threat Advisor: Blocking CryptoLocker with Advanced Threat Protection

Blocking CryptoLocker with Advanced Threat Protection

This Threat Advisor will examine how CryptoLocker adds a couple of new twists to familiar advanced-attack techniques used in ransomware to devastating effect for those who are unprepared. We’ll show you the keys to detecting and preventing Cryptolocker (and other advanced attacks) from executing. First and foremost is the use of policies that prevent CryptoLocker from executing on any endpoint, anywhere.

Threat Advisor: Don't Get Burned By Flame

Don’t Get Burned by Flame

What is Flame? Flame is the latest high profile cyber attack making the news. It has so far been detected in Middle East countries. Flame is more than simply a virus or worm – it is basically a cyber espionage toolkit, containing the most comprehensive set of sleuthing technologies in a single piece of malware. It can monitor and steal data from a computer’s microphone, screen, keyboard, Bluetooth, WiFi and network, among its known capabilities. It can propagate via USB or directly over a network. It can use several different types of data encryption and compression to store and then exfiltrate data to a controllable set of command-and-control servers.

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White Papers

Bit9 + Carbon Black Can Empower an Integrated Cybersecurity Architecture for Automation and Orchestration

Integrated Cyber-security Architecture’s Make Automation and Orchestration Possible

New cyber-security technology architectures are being designed for automation, integration, and orchestration, and could unify point tools to improve incident prevention, detection, and response while streamlining cyber-security operations. Bit9 + Carbon Black has embraced this new model and designs its products for out-of-the-box integration.

Procrastinators Guide to Windows Server 2003 EOL

Procrastinators Guide to Windows Server 2003 End of Support

While Windows Server 2003 support will end in July, 2015, many organizations have yet to upgrade to a newer version of the operating system. How can you continue run Windows Server 2003 while mitigating the security and compliance risks? Download this eBook to find out.

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