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Endpoint Security from Bit9 + Carbon Black

Traditional endpoint security doesn’t cut it against today’s advanced attacks. You need rapid threat detection and incident response.

Carbon Black 5.1

The Industry’s Most Complete Detection & Response Solution


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Carbon Black 5.0 - Demos on Demand

Carbon Black is the industry’s  first and only endpoint threat detection and incident response solution for SOC and incident response (IR) teams that combines continuous recording and live response capabilities to prepare organizations for a data breach, instantly isolate endpoint threats, terminate ongoing attacks, and remediate threats at the moment of discovery.

Bit9 + Carbon Black Integrated Solution - Demos on Demand

The Bit9 + Carbon Black Security Solution is the industry’s first and only integrated Endpoint Threat Prevention, Detection and Response solution. The Bit9 + Carbon Black Security Solution consists of two industry-leading products (Bit9 and Carbon Black) and the Threat Intelligence Cloud.

The Endpoint is the New Perimeter

Ben Johnson, chief security strategist for Bit9 + Carbon Black, discusses what strategies and solutions can be leveraged to combat with the deterioration of the network and our inability to truly secure it. As the network becomes increasingly difficult to secure the endpoint has become the new perimeter.

Bit9 Security Platform - Demos on Demand

The Bit9 Security Platform is the most comprehensive endpoint threat protection solution.

Bit9 Security Platform App for Splunk - Demos on Demand

Leverage Bit9’s data in Splunk for operational tuning, file investigations, and audit your administrators.

Next-Gen Networking Security Tools - Demos on Demand

Bit9 Security Platform partners with today’s leading next-generation network security vendors to prioritize alerts and analyze threats.

Bit9 Security Platform File Integrity Monitoring & Control - Demos on Demand

Control and monitor change in your environment with the Bit9 Security Platform.

Part 1: The HIPAA Omnibus Rule and Its Impact on Security

The HIPAA Security Rule has been around for more than 10 years, and the 2013 HIPAA Omnibus Rule extended the reach of HIPAA compliance, including requirements covering encryption and breach analysis. This presents an opportunity for healthcare IT security professionals.

Part 2: Who Needs to Comply With the HIPAA Security Rule?

The HIPAA Omnibus Rule broadened the reach of traditional covered entities like payers and providers. With coverage being expanded to business associates and subcontractors, covered entities need to understand the security tools and techniques that can give them the visibility into their systems so they can ensure compliance and security.

Part 3: Why a Risk Assessment Is Critical to HIPAA Compliance and Security

Ensuring HIPAA compliance and the security of ePHI requires organizations to understand what critical data is covered and how it’s potentially at risk, and to take the steps necessary to protect it. A risk assessment is critical to achieving these goals, and using positive security helps covered entities reduce their scope to focus only on the data that matters.

Part 4: HIPAA Compliance Doesn’t Equal Security

The right people, processes and technology tools can help healthcare organizations ensure HIPAA compliance and security, but only when a continuous, proactive approach is utilized.

The Network is Not the Target

What’s more important — network security or endpoint security? Solely protecting your network? What about endpoints not connected to the network or infected USB devices? Watch this video to learn more about how to #ArmYourEndpoints

3 Ways Retailers Can Address POS Security Challenges

The August 2014 US Secret Service bulletin about Backoff Malware shows that the retail industry is facing an unprecedented wave of malware attacks and some business have yet to discover they’ve been breached. While 2013 was labeled “the year of the breach,” 2014 has been even worse. PCI DSS 3.0 states that retailers must address such evolving malware threats in order to satisfy their assessment requirements.

Prepare for the Inevitable Security Breach

Assume you’ll be breached. If you’re not prepared, how do you figure out who attacked you, what they got, and where the attack came in or lives in your enterprise? Avoid expensive IR and prepare for security breach by using Bit9 + Carbon Black. #ArmYourEndpoints

Endpoint Security with Bit9 + Carbon Black

There’s a new generation of threats to your organization. But the target isn’t your network, it’s your endpoints and servers. Traditional endpoint security won’t cut it. You need rapid threat detection and incident response.

Bit9 + Carbon Black Announces Bit9 Security Platform Version 7.2

Bit9 + Carbon Black is taking the industry’s leading application control and prevention solution even further with the release of Bit9 7.2. We’ve expanded agent coverage to include Linux, becoming the only application control solution to support Windows, Linux and Mac, enabling organizations to centrally manage all of their devices, regardless of the diversity of endpoints, from a single management console. To help organizations get more out of their endpoint data, we’ve added Checkpoint and Splunk to our growing list of integration partners for greater security and actionable intelligence. Finally, we’ve integrated our two products, Bit9 and Carbon Black, enabling organizations to leverage the incredible IR capabilities of Carbon Black to identify and detect new threats and then drive instantaneous prevention across their environment with Bit9.

Bit9 + Carbon Black Announces Carbon Black Version 4.2

Carbon Black’s latest release has expanded its sensor operating system coverage to include Mac and Linux—in addition to Windows. There are no changes to the server or console, so you have a single, consistent interface for signature-less threat detection and continuous response—regardless of the diversity of endpoints in your enterprise. Carbon Black also has improved its platform APIs, so you can customize or integrate with Carbon Black across existing security technologies and SIEMs better than ever. Additionally, Carbon Black now integrates with the latest release of the Bit9 Security Platform to leverage its proactive and customizable endpoint prevention techniques.

Bit9 + Carbon Black Explained in Two Minutes

Endpoint threat prevention. Detection and response in seconds. No other security solution has the power to let you Arm Your Endpoints against advanced threats.

Is Antivirus Dead?

Ben Johnson, Chief Evangelist for Bit9 + Carbon Black, discusses recent comments on “death” of antivirus. He details the need for holistic protection against advanced threats that’s available when combining free antivirus and Enterprise endpoint protection.

Bit9 and Carbon Black Merge, Delivering Unmatched Prevention, Detection and Response

Now One Company Delivering Advanced Threat Protection for Endpoints and Servers + Incident Response in Seconds

Bit9 + Carbon Black Continuous Endpoint Visibility

Know what’s happening on every computer right now.

The standard endpoint “best practice” revolves around endpoint antivirus, but AV was designed to operate at scale, designed to counter the opportunistic attacker—as opposed to the advanced threat. Because of this, AV relies on infrequent scans—missing pockets of time—while also exclusively relying on signatures. In contrast, new advanced attackers only compromise a small, targeted set of computers—staying below the noise threshold and avoiding the development of a signature—leaving you blind on your endpoints. This approach to endpoint security is unsustainable.

Bit9 + Carbon Black Signature-less Endpoint Threat Detection

Detect attacks in real time without signatures.

Signatures are effective for detecting opportunistic threats that find value in scale of access and deploy their malware widely. For the advanced attacker—whose objective is to steal large quantities of company data—the goal is to remain below the noise threshold to maximize the success of the attack by avoiding the development of a signature. It’s time to ask more of your endpoint security solutions by expanding detection beyond the moment of compromise.

Bit9 + Carbon Black Continuous Incident Response

Use a recorded history to see an attack’s full kill chain.

Traditional incident response is tedious, time consuming and imperfect. Traditional IR uses log file analysis and filesystem forensics as the primary data to analyze. Unfortunately, these data points are incomplete and analyzing them is expensive. Carbon Black, within the Bit9 + Carbon Black Solution, delivers the first true continuous response solution. Carbon Black’s primary goal is to reduce the cost and complexity of incident response by providing continuous endpoint visibility and signature-less detection capabilities to deliver full context, attack classification and situational awareness of the threats attacking your enterprise.

Bit9 + Carbon Black Customizable Endpoint Threat Prevention

Stop Advanced Attacks with Proactive, Customizable Malware Protection.

Signature-based security solutions are no longer sufficient to protect your organization against advanced and targeted threats. You need a proactive endpoint prevention solution that provides multiple forms of prevention to stop advanced attacks from infiltrating your organization. Bit9 + Carbon Black is the only security provider that empowers you to choose from three different forms of prevention to deploy the right level of protection for each stakeholder in your organization.

Renowned Security Expert Richard Clarke on Advanced Threat Protection for Endpoints and Servers

Richard Clarke, renowned cybersecurity expert and the first White House cybersecurity czar, talks about the emerging need for Advanced Threat Protection solutions for endpoints and servers.

 Meet the New PCI DSS 3.0 Standards with Bit9

As of January 1, 2014, the new version of the PCI DSS standard (version 3.0) takes effect. Businesses that are affected by PCI will have 12 months to incorporate the new standard (or new requirements) into their compliance validation programs before the old version of the standard is no longer valid. It will be crucial for companies to adapt quickly to the new standard in order to meet the deadline and avoid having to go through the appeal and or extension processes that can burden administration and raise the cost of compliance significantly.

LIVE FROM RSA – Inside Cyber Security with Richard Clarke

Bit9, the leader in advanced threat protection for endpoints and servers which recently merged with Carbon Black, hosted a live news conference at RSA Conference 2014 featuring internationally renowned cyber security expert Richard Clarke.

Bit9 Whiteboard: ‘Detonate-and-Deny’ Malware Prevention

Bit9 is the only security solution with a “Detonate-and-Deny” approach, which enables you to retrieve and send files from your endpoints and servers to a network security device for detonation and analysis.

Windows XP End of Life: Use Bit9 to Close the Threat Window

When an operating system vendor stops providing security updates and patches to an OS that has reached its end of life, it leaves businesses that fail to migrate with a widened threat window. Find out how Bit9 can help you close the threat window with Windows XP end of life as of April 8, 2014.

Bit9 for Palo Alto Networks: Industry-First Network and Endpoint Security Integration

Bit9 for Palo Alto Networks delivers a first-of-its-kind integration between network security and endpoint/server security. When Palo Alto Networks Wildfire detects a suspicious file on the network, Bit9 automatically confirms the location, scope and severity of the threat on your endpoints and servers.

Bit9 for FireEye: Industry-First Network and Endpoint Security Integration

Bit9 for FireEye delivers a first-of-its-kind integration between network security and endpoint/server security. When FireEye detects a suspicious file on the network, Bit9 automatically confirms the location, scope and severity of the threat on your endpoints and servers.

Bit9 for Check Point

Bit9 for Check Point will reduce the overall operational effort of managing network and system security, accelerate incident response time and improve your organization’s overall security posture.

Bit9 for Mac: Closing the Mac Security Gap in your Enterprise

Business users are driving demand for Macs across the enterprise. Until now, the few enterprise security products available for the Mac were dependent on malware signatures and behavioral patterns, which makes them ineffective against today’s advanced threats and targeted attacks.

Bit9 Java Vulnerabilities Report: Write Once, Pwn Anywhere

Java Security is becoming an issue as enterprises are not updating their installed versions of Java, ignoring the threat posed by out of date versions.

Bit9 Connector First Real-time Endpoint and Network Security Integration Solution

The Bit9 Connector for Network Security Devices delivers game-changing integration of next-gen network and endpoint security platforms that protects organizations from today’s advanced cyber-attacks.

Bit9 for Mac Demo: Closing the Mac Security Gap in your Enterprise

As Mac products grow in popularity in the enterprise, they are becoming increasingly attractive targets for cybercriminals. Advanced attackers are always looking for enterprise infrastructure vulnerabilities, and their knowledge of how to exploit Mac endpoints has grown.

Windows XP POS End-of-life: Managing Retail Compliance and Security

When an operating system vendor stops providing updates and patches to an OS that has reached end-of-life, it leaves businesses that are still using that OS in a tough spot. Windows XP POS is reaching its end-of-life on April 8, 2014.

Bit9 Demo: Bit9 Connector for FireEye

The Bit9 Connector for FireEye delivers a first-of-its-kind integration between network security and endpoint and server security. When FireEye detects a suspicious file on the network, Bit9 consumes the alert and automatically confirms the location, scope and severity of the threat on your endpoints and servers.

Bit9 Demo: Bit9 Connector for Palo Alto Networks

The Bit9 Connector for Palo Alto Networks delivers a first-of-its-kind integration between network security and endpoint and server security. When Palo Alto Networks’ WildFire detects a suspicious file on the network, Bit9 consumes the alert and automatically confirms the location, scope and severity of the threat on your endpoints and servers.

Converging Compliance and Security with Bit9

Complex IT Regulations and standards for companies are growing at an ever-increasing rate. Virtually every industry around the globe is finding that they have or will have some form of compliance regulation to which they must adhere.

Bit9 Advanced Threat Detection

The Bit9 Platform combines real-time sensors, Advanced Threat Indicators (ATI) and the cloud-based Bit9 Software Reputation Service to immediately detect advanced persistent threat and malware. You won’t wait for signature file updates. No testing or updating .dat files.

Bit9 CTO Harry Sverdlove on the Vulnerability of the Energy Sector to Cyberattacks

With the world relying on the energy infrastructure, deploying advanced security measures and solutions would seem obvious and essential to protect it. However, what typically happens is the energy sector makes initial investments in security, but over time neglect sets in.

Bit9 CEO Patrick Morley on the Past, Present and Future of Trust-based Security

Bit9 saw tremendous growth in 2012, while also publicly announcing that we were the only security solution to stop two important pieces of malware in both Flame and Gauss. The reason for this being that traditional security solutions can’t protect you against today’s advanced threats and malware.

The Future of Cybersecurity with Bit9 CTO Harry Sverdlove

In 2012 cyber security was on the forefront of news. We saw cyber destruction, espionage and intellectual property theft happening at the highest level. In 2013, we could see a continuation of these threats across new platforms that will demand action at the federal level.

Bit9 is the Only Security Solution to Stop Gauss Malware

Bit9’s malware protection security solution is the only solution to stop the malware behind the RSA breach, Flame, and Gauss. By preventing anything unauthorized from running, Bit9 was able to stop Gauss merely because it was untrusted. Learn more about malware protection

Bit9 Whiteboard: Early Detection and Continuous Auditing

If you were breached would you even know it? Having early detection capabilities present within your security posture is important to continuously defend against advanced attacks. Bit9 is the only company to truly offer DVR-like monitoring of your endpoints and servers while giving users a full scope of their environment

Bit9 Whiteboard: Protecting Virtual Desktops and Critical Servers

One misperception surrounding non-persistent images is that when your desktop goes away, so does the malware. Learn more about protecting endpoints, domain controller servers, networks and all virtualized environments

Bit9’s Trust-Based Solution Protects Retailers Where Antivirus Fails

Whether it’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday or any other high-traffic period. Retailers often have to undergo holiday freeze periods to free up processing power on point-of-sale (POS) machines to accommodate for the added transactions. This leaves the customer and retailer at risk.

Pausing Google Play: More Than 100,000 Android Apps May Pose

It’s no surprise that employee-owned mobile devices are entering the workplace in big numbers, via the BYOD (bring your own device) phenomenon, but what about the apps that reside on those devices?

Bit9 Whiteboard – 9 Ways to Secure Your Store Systems and Ensure PCI Compliance

Bit9 uses cloud-based reputation to stop advanced persistent threats across your store systems, servers and workstations by only allowing trusted software to run – and nothing else.

Bit9 Version 7.0 (Part 1) “Trust-Based Security” – Bit9 Whiteboard

Now you can define trust policies by leveraging the world’s largest database of software reputation ratings — Bit9’s cloud-based Global Software Registry — to automate the creation of your trust policies.

Bit9 Version 7.0 (Part 2) “Server Security” – Bit9 Whiteboard

Servers hold your intellectual property and are ultimately the target of advanced threats. This new release from Bit9 provides enhanced support for servers — memory protection, device control, file integrity monitoring — to provides the industry’s best defense against advanced attacks on servers.

Bit9 Version 7.0 (Part 3) “Virtualization” – Bit9 Whiteboard

You’re probably using virtualization somewhere in your enterprise — VDI, virtualized servers, terminal services or session virtualization. Bit9 is now optimized for the specific needs of virtual environments so you enjoy top performance and security. No other comparable offering has this deep support for virtualization.

Bit9 Version 7.0 (Part 4) “Enterprise Readiness” – Bit9 Whiteboard

f you have hundreds of thousands of servers, desktops, and laptops, Bit9 can protect them all. Are you using software delivery, log management, ticketing systems, or a SIEM? Bit9 integrates with them and also provides a set of open APIs so you can leverage Bit9 data in a customized way.

Bit9 Whiteboard – Enterprise Readiness

Joel Rising, senior solutions architect for Bit9, discusses the value of enterprise readiness, and how it relates to application control. Enterprises need to ensure that their software security vendor has been there and done that, and Bit9 is a solution that can scale across any industry or any size.

Protect Your Store Systems and Achieve PCI Compliance with Bit9

Sam is a store systems manager for a global grocery store chain. Sam has to maintain over 7,000 retail workstations across 450 locations. Maintaining PCI compliance on aging point-of-sale devices is anything but easy, so find out how Bit9 can help

Protect your Servers with Bit9

Sam is a store systems manager for a global grocery store chain. Sam has to maintain over 7,000 retail workstations across 450 locations. Maintaining PCI compliance on aging point-of-sale devices is anything but easy, so find out how Bit9 can help.

Bit9 Whiteboard – Bit9 Stops Advanced Malware ‘Flame’

Bit9, the global leader in advanced threat protection, reports of stopping persistent attacks over an eight-month period from the most sophisticated cyber weapon ever unleashed titled ‘Flame’. Harry Sverdlove, Chief Technology Officer for Bit9 explains.

University-Affiliated Research Center Combats Malware with Bit9

Jody Patilla, analyst for University-affiliated research center, talks about the benefits of using Bit9 to build trust in her organizations environment. By using Bit9’s advanced application control, she could gain insight and visibility across her network through Bit9’s security information and event management (SIEM) system.

Bit9 Cyber Security Research Report 2012

Bit9 Cyber Security Research Report overview by Harry Sverdlove. Includes discussion of Anonymous and nation-state attacks using advanced malware.

Bit9 and the Security Landscape

At RSA, we premiered this video to highlight the future of security and the threats companies will need to protect against. One thing is for certain, these threats are real, and they are not going away.

Bit9 Whiteboard – Domain Controllers

80% of Advanced Threats are targeting the data on your servers so it’s understandable that Gartner recommends application control as the “cornerstone of your server protection strategy”

Bit9 CEO Patrick Morley On the Advanced Threat

Varying businesses like RSA, Sony PlayStation, Nortel, and Symantec have all either seen intellectual Property (IP) stolen or have had sensitive user data exploited. IP theft has prompted leading brands to protect against the advanced threat.

Bit9 Whiteboard – SIEM

Harry Sverdlove, chief technology officer for Bit9, discusses Security Information Event Management (SIEM) and how it may pertain to your business.

Orphan Android: Bit9’s Top “Dirty Dozen” Most Vulnerable Not-So-Smartphones of 2011

Harry Sverdlove discusses the top “Dirty Dozen” smartphones of 2011. Many Android devices operating system is out-of-date because the software itself is not centrally managed by Google.

Bit9 Board Member Richard Clarke Discusses Industrial Espionage

Bit9 Board Member, Richard Clarke discusses Criminals, Hacktivists, Espionage, and War (CHEW) in the digital age.

Richard Clarke Joins Bit9 Board of Directors; Discusses Application Whitelisting

Richard Clark, US Cyberterrorism and Cyber Security Czar talks about why he joined the Bit9 board of directors and why application why application whitelisting stops advanced persistent threats.

Bit9 + Carbon Black