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2015 Point-of-Sale Security Mid-Year Health Assesment

2015 Point-of-Sale Security Mid-Year Health Assessment

Download the 2015 Point-of-Sale Security Assessment to learn why, despite increased budget and awareness of POS security threats, businesses are still at risk.

Windows Server 2003 End-Of-Life Preparedness Survey

Windows Server 2003 End-of-Life Preparedness Survey

Bit9 + Carbon Black surveyed 500 IT professional  to understand how organizations were preparing for Windows Server 2003 end of life. They found that many respondents remain unprepared to meet the challenges associated with the end of life of Windows Server 2003.

Cyber Security - UK Market Survey 2014

2014 EMEA Cyber Security Market Survey

Bit9 + Carbon Black surveyed UK enterprises to understand their security stance at the endpoint, and elsewhere. They found that respondents faced serious challenges in these areas as they grapple with a diverse landscape of cyber security threats from different factors.

2013 Bit9 Server Security Survey Report

2013 Server Security Survey Report

In October 2013, Bit9 conducted its third-annual survey on server security. In the past year, the inability to detect or stop advanced attacks has remained a constant challenge for enterprises. This survey was designed to analyze these challenges from respondents who are responsible for their organization’s security posture.

2003 Cyber Security Study

2013 Cyber Security Study

Forty-seven percent of surveyed organizations have suffered a cyber-attack in the past year – and a frightening 13 percent say they do not even know if they have been attacked.
These are among the results of the 2013 Cyber Security Study conducted by Information Security Media Group and commissioned by Bit9.

Java Vulnerabilities: Write Once, Pwn Anywhere

Bit9 Java Vulnerabilities Report: Write Once, Pwn Anywhere

Java was originally released with the slogan “write once, run anywhere,” which was intended to underscore its cross-platform capabilities. Over time, Java has become ubiquitous on endpoints, so “run anywhere” can be interpreted as referring to its ubiquity. Even as fewer websites and Web applications require Java in order to operate properly, the technology is pervasive on virtually every end-user system. For a variety of reasons, Java also has become a platform that is highly vulnerable to attack.

SANS Survey of Digital Forensics and Incident Response

SANS Survey: Digital Forensics and Incident Response

To assess the current state of forensic investigations and emerging trends, the SANS Institute conducted an online survey of digital forensics practitioners in April and May of 2013. The results, summarized in this whitepaper, will help forensic professionals and their clients better prepare for future investigations and allocate resources, while helping guide educators and forensic tools vendors.

2012 Server Security Survey Report

2012 Server Security Survey Report

In this report, we review the four key findings from the survey which highlight the increased need for greater control in identifying and stopping advanced attacks on valuable server resources before they execute—while decreasing the security-related administrative workloads of IT and security professionals.

Pausing Google Play: More than 100,000 Android Apps May Pose Security Risks

Pausing Google Play: More Than 100,000 Android Apps May Pose Security Risks

A rapidly growing number of employees are using personal mobile devices to connect to their employers’ networks. While this bring your own device (BYOD) trend is popular with employees and businesses, it has a major downside: The personal devices accessing business-critical data enable a huge number of malicious and unauthorized applications to access enterprise networks. These applications pose an enormous security risk.

Getting (and Staying) Ahead of Advanced Threats

Workbook: Getting and Staying Ahead of Advanced Threats

This workbook is designed to help you stay ahead of advanced threats, control the costs of your current security environment, and identify opportunities for greater productivity

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