Live and OnDemand Webinars

Live Webinars

Optimizing Your Security Defenses For Today’s Targeted Attacks
June 25, 2015 | 1:00 P.M. EDT

Point-Of-Sale Reality Check: Security Mid-Year Health Assessment Review
June 26, 2015 | 2:00 P.M. EDT

On Demand Webinars

Endpoint Threat Prevention, Detection & Response

Practical Security Control Mapping For Financial Services Organizations

Building a Sophisticated Endpoint Defense Strategy with Full Security Lifecycle Protection

Running Windows Server 2003 in a Post-Support World

Building Resiliency: Proactive Measures to Thwart and Overcome a Cyber Attack
(note: this link leads to slides from the webinar, not a pre-recorded video)

Critical Care – The State of Endpoint Security in the Healthcare Enterprise

Automation in the Incident Response Process

Comprehensive Advanced Threat Defense

Who’s Using Cyberthreat Intelligence and How? Part 2: Best Practices to Improve Incident Detection and Response

Solving Windows 2003 EOL Security Risks: Migration Strategies and Compensating Controls for Beyond July 14, 2015

Leveraging Threat Intelligence in Incident Management

Threat Intelligence: Real-Time Breach Discovery

Gaining Defense-In-Depth on the Endpoint — Is Antivirus Enough?

Implementing a Security Maturity Framework: 5 Levels to Improving Your SOC

Prepare for the Breach: Detect, Respond and Disrupt at the Moment of Compromise

Accelerate Endpoint Threat Discovery with Automated and Comprehensive Threat Intel

Get Smart – Consuming Threat Intelligence to Advance your Cyber Security Program

Establish Cyber Resiliency: Developing a Continuous Response Architecture

Advanced Threat Hunting: Identify and Track Zero-Day Attacks Infiltrating Your Organization

Endpoint Threat Detection Response and Prevention for Dummies

The Modern Incident Responder: Detect, Respond and Recover from a Data Breach

Life After a Data Breach

New Incident Response Model Enables Rapid Response to Advanced Attacks

Designing an Adaptive Security Architecture to Protect Against Advanced Threats

The Failure of Traditional Endpoint Protection: How to Defend Your Devices from Advanced Threats

How to Prevent a Massive Data Breach Disaster

Malware Analysis and the Endpoint: The Power of WildFire on Every Device

Incident Response

Endpoint Security: Defense in Depth and Improved Analytics

Malware Detection Comes of Age

Cracking the Endpoint: Inside the Head of a Hacker

Mitigating Java Vulnerabilities in Your Enterprise

The 2013 Cyber Security Study Results

Bridging the gap between network and endpoint security

Allies in Battle: When the next-gen network and endpoint solutions…

Combat Advanced Threats with the Next-Generation Threat Protection

Closing the Mac Security Gap in your Enterprise

Digital Forensics in Modern Times: A SANS Survey

Converging Endpoint and Network Data Analysis for Improved Visibility and Control

Why Your Current Endpoint Security is Doomed to Fail

APT Confidential: 14 Lessons Learned From Real Attacks

Today’s Advanced Threats Require Next-Generation Protection

Next Generation Network and Endpoint Security

Security Compliance

Demystifying Security Controls for IT Risk

How to Reduce the Complexity of PCI Assessments

In the Crosshairs: Locking Down Point of Sale Systems

Tactics and Strategies for Protecting Customer Payment Information

The Threat of Aging Retail IT Systems

Support for Windows XP: Stay Secure Beyond the End of Life

Keeping Pace with PCI Changes

Integrating Threat Prevention with Bit9 and Check Point

Building Advanced Endpoint Security into the SOC

Demystifying Security Controls for IT Risk & Audit Professionals

How PCI 3.0 Impacts Your Security Posture

5 Ways to Protect Beyond End of Life 0-day Exploits

Data Center Security

A No Worries Guide to Windows Server 2003 End of Life

Overcoming Security Blind Spots in Network, Endpoint and Server Security

Under Attack: Managing Advanced Threats Infiltrating Your Servers

Server Security: A Reality Check

Video: Carbon Black Version 5.0
Bit9 + Carbon Black Announces Version 7.2 of the Bit9 Security Platform

Carbon Black for Immediate Incident Response: Rapid Response to Advanced Attacks

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