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Managing endpoint security and control is an ongoing, dynamic task; ensuring optimal effectiveness of your Bit9 solution will reduce that burden.

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IT operations depend on Bit9 to deliver a reliable and secure computing experience for their organization. Sometimes maintaining optimal levels of security, while balancing functionality and performance tradeoffs, can present operational challenges.

Bit9′s Professional Services team offers periodic Heath Checks where we examine the configuration of your Bit9 console and server against best-practice recommendations. We will review rules and approvals looking for misconfigurations that may negatively affect the smooth running of your system.

Customers Who Benefit from the Bit9 Health Check

Whether you are a CIO, a mid-level IT manager, or an IT administrator, you receive support and guidance to help you increase predictability of the endpoint security in your environment. The Bit9 Health Check is a proactive security engagement. The main goal of the Health Check is to ensure you are adhering to best-practices in both application security and configuration of your Bit9 Security Platform environment while maintaining agent and server performance within acceptable ranges.

No changes in your environment are made during the engagement. The Bit9 Health Check is an assessment-only engagement that provides recommendations based on years of experience deploying the Bit9 Security Platform and configuring customer environments. An initial meeting is scheduled to review the goals of the Health Check, status of the current implementation and scoping of the areas of focus.

The Bit9 consultant will then perform the analysis and provide their findings and recommendations in a PDF prior to a wrap-up meeting. The interactive conversation during this meeting enables you ask any questions and receive expert answers. In some cases, a recommendation can be implemented immediately; checking a box to enable expired Publishers, correcting a typo in a Custom Rule, creating a Performance Optimization rule, etc. Other recommendations may require more strategic considerations as they could impact business policies or procedures.

Through this offering, Bit9 helps administrators know that their server is configured for peak performance and that their security exposure is minimized. As a result, you can feel confident that your solution is performing at the highest level possible. Download our brochure to learn more about the Bit9 Health Check service.

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