Advanced Persistent Threat

Stop Advanced Persistent Threat with Bit9

The Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) — relentless, targeted attacks by nation-states, hacktivists and cyber criminals focused on stealing sensitive information from enterprises—is one of the most sophisticated and daunting challenges for cyber security solutions. But no matter its origin or intent, the APT has met its match in the Bit9 Security Platform.

Antivirus software solutions can’t stop the APT because they can only prevent malware with previously seen signatures from executing. But what happens when the threat has never been seen before, such as a zero-day attack or an attack targeted specifically at your organization?

How Bit9 Stops Advanced Persistent Threat

With Bit9, you can choose from different forms of advanced endpoint protection to match your business and systems. Bit9’s unique “detonate-and-deny” approach automatically sends every new file that arrives on any endpoint or server to FireEye Threat Prevention Platform or Palo Alto Networks Wildfire; if they find malicious files, Bit9 will automatically stop them from running. You also can use Bit9’s proactive “default-deny” approach to ensure that only software you trust can run on your machines. That stops advanced threats and other forms of malware—including targeted, customized attacks that are unique to your organization.

Prevent the Advanced Persistent Threat by Using Bit9

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