Bit9 and Carbon Black are Now One Company

Bit9 and Carbon Black have joined forces to offer the most complete solution for advanced threat protection for every endpoint and server. The merger combines Carbon Black’s leadership in the Endpoint Threat Detection and Response (ETDR) space with Bit9’s leading prevention technologies to become the most complete and effective solution for protecting endpoints and servers against advanced attacks.


Continuous Advanced Threat Protection


Bit9 and Carbon Black offer organizations the power to perform the two most critical tasks to protect themselves from advanced threats:

1. Reduce the attack surface through signature-less forms of prevention.

Blacklisting and signature-based approaches don’t work for unique, targeted threats that have never been seen before. Bit9 is the undisputed leader in advanced threat prevention for endpoints and servers and the only solution that offers security, IT and compliance teams multiple prevention options to stop advanced threats and targeted attacks.

Bit9’s unique “detonate-and-deny” approach automatically sends every new file that arrives on any endpoint or server to FireEye or Palo Alto Networks WildFire for detonation and analysis. If any of the files are malicious, Bit9 will automatically block their execution on any or all of your machines. You also can use Bit9’s proactive “default-deny” approach to ensure only software that you trust can run on your machines.

2. Detect and respond to attacks with Continuous Endpoint Visibility

Carbon Black’s ‘Triple Threat’ visibility, detection and incident response solution is “always-on.” The lightweight sensor continuously monitors and records every endpoint in the enterprise, giving security teams the ability to detect and respond to threats in seconds. By maintaining a full recording of the data collected, security and IR teams are able to “roll back the tape” and immediately gather a complete understanding of an attack lifecycle, even if the attack occurred months ago.

Carbon Black’s unmatched detection and response capabilities enable users to collect and retain the precise data points that are needed during an investigation including records of execution, file system modifications, registry modifications, network connections, and a copy of every unique binary executed on an enterprise machine. Most importantly, Carbon Black collects and retains the relationship among each of these data types, giving you the power to understand behaviors, not just individual events.

With all of this data at your fingertips, incident response with Carbon Black is better, faster and less expensive than traditional response by an order of magnitude, saving your organization hundreds of thousands of dollars when traditional AV fails and the inevitable data breach hits your organization.

No-Friction Security. Seamless Integration.

Bit9 seamlessly integrates with key network players: FireEye, Palo Alto Networks, as well as a variety of SIEM tools and leading incident response firms. These integrations support a unified, holistic approach to enterprise security and enhance your existing security investments.

Video: Bit9 + Carbon Black
Video: Renowned Security Expert Richard Clarke on Advanced Threat Protection for Endpoints and Servers

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