Bit9 CSA Replacement / Transition Program

Are you undergoing a Cisco CSA replacement project?

Cisco has initiated the end-of-life process for the CSA endpoint security solution. Fortune 1000 CSA customers looking for a replacement have chosen the Bit9 Security Platform to detect and stop advanced threats and malware, significantly improving their security posture and dramatically reducing their support costs.

Benefits of Bit9:

  • Understand what is running on any system at any instant and immediately detect and stop advanced threats, zero-day attacks and malware. No scanning. No signatures. No updating data files.
  • Get immediate, real-time visibility into every server, endpoint and fixed-function machine with Bit9’s real-time endpoint sensor and recorder. Monitor every form of executable (programs, scripts, etc.) and any critical system resource (memory, registry, files, USE devices, etc.) on every machine.
  • Demonstrate continued compliance across a variety of industries including retail/hospitality, healthcare, government, financial and more.
  • Proven reliability and scalability: Bit9 scales up to many hundreds of thousands of users to handle the largest of environments, is Windows certified, provides the same level of security for both Windows and Mac platforms and has nearly 1,000 deployments to date.

“Security-conscious enterprises that have been the target of persistent attacks should immediately begin deploying application control for high-security / high-value assets.” 1—Gartner


1Gartner, Predicts 2012: Sophisticated Attacks, Complex IT Environments and Increased Risks Demand New Approaches to Infrastructure Protection 11/11

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