Bit9 Cloud Services

Comprehensive Cloud-based Endpoint Visibility, Detection and Protection Services

Bit9 Cloud Services consist of two distinct offerings:

The Bit9 Software Reputation Service constantly crawls the Internet looking for software and calculates trust ratings based on attributes such as age, prevalence, publisher, source, results of AV scans and more. Bit9 also uses threat intelligence feeds, including one from a leading Internet research company’s malware hash registry, to identify malicious and suspicious files. You’ll have access to all of this information through the cloud-based Bit9 Software Reputation Service, which contains billions of records and is the world’s most reliable source of software trust.

The Bit9 Threat Indicator Service provides updates and additions to the Advanced Threat Indicators (ATI) that the Bit9 Security Platform uses to detect advanced threats and zero-day attacks. These ATIs detect advanced threats by monitoring and examining many system facets, including files, registry, process and memory execution, to identify potential compromise or infection. The Bit9 Threat Indicator Service is fully integrated with the Bit9 Security Platform to ensure up-to-date threat intelligence.

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