Data Center Security

Protecting the Crown Jewels: Servers

With 54 percent of stolen data coming from servers1 it’s not surprising that organizations are looking for new ways to protect their data centers against advanced threats. With data this critical, you need to be able to stop attacks before they occur and cannot rely on signature-based solutions, such as antivirus, that can only stop malware after it has been detected.

Traditional reactive solutions are unable to keep up with the sophistication and speed of today’s advanced attacks hitting organization’s frontline devices, such as domain controllers and web servers, and fail to provide security teams the visibility required to respond to inevitable security incidents. That’s why some of the largest data center operators in the world are replacing paid antivirus solutions with advanced threat protection from Bit9 + Carbon Black.

“Use approaches rooted in application control and whitelisting as the cornerstone of your server protection strategy, not signature-based anti-malware.” 2 – Gartner

As the cyber security landscape moves increasingly toward advanced threats aimed at stealing corporate or personal data, having real-time visibility into not only what is happening on your network, but across your entire data center, now, is critical. The Bit9 + Carbon Black solution is the only datacenter security solution capable of delivering both advanced threat protection and incident response in seconds.

With Bit9 + Carbon Black, you will gain instant visibility  into all activity occurring on your servers, signature-less detection that automatically identifies which devices are infected and powerful prevention capabilities, such as “default-deny” application control which can lock down servers to ensure that only IT approved applications can run. Additionally, when a threat is identified on your network or on a device, Bit9 + Carbon Black can immediately kill any malicious files executing in your environment and enforce bans that prevent them from ever running in the future.

Integrating Bit9 + Carbon Black with leading SIEM solutions  and network security solutions, such as Palo Alto Networks and Check Point, Bit9 + Carbon Black further enhances the capabilities of the solution, uniting network and endpoint data for actionable intelligence and automated policy enforcement. Additionally, as executive focus on cybersecurity intensifies, uniting network and endpoint data together in one source allows administrators to build out real-time dashboards that highlight the health, status, and key metrics of their entire organization’s threat landscape.


Certified to run on Windows, Linux and Mac, the Bit9 + Carbon Black Security Platform is the only application control solution optimized to protect all of the devices in your data center, including support for both virtual desktop and server environments be they on premise or in the cloud.

Bit9 + Carbon Black Enables Data Center Security

  • Continuously monitoring your critical configuration files with a real-time sensor and recorder so you have immediate visibility into the files, executables, devices and critical system resources on every server
  • Defining and enforcing trust policies that enable you to easily and effectively maintain your systems and minimize server “touches” while in a locked-down state
  • Improving server operations with a policy-based solution that many organizations say requires less effort to manage than antivirus

“With Bit9 on all of our servers, we’re sleeping better at night because we know only trusted applications are running on them.”
– IT administrator, convenience store chain

1Verizon 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report
2 How to Successfully Deploy Application Control”, Neil MacDonald, January 25, 2013

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