Education Solutions

Today’s evolving threat landscape for the education industry

Educational institutions face an increasing IT security challenge. Educators want free and easy access to information. At the same time IT professionals must secure the school’s Windows and Mac laptops, desktops and servers from malicious software and put controls in place to meet security guidelines and regulations such as the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Schools often have only a few IT personnel to serve a large number of people, putting increased pressure on IT departments to do more with less.

The Bit9 Security Platform provides advanced threat protection solutions for endpoints and servers to help educational institutions detect and protect against malware and targeted attacks, preventing unauthorized software from disrupting the learning environment. By implementing the Bit9 solution, institutions are able to comply with federal regulations, avoid time-consuming disruptions and reduce the IT workload. Bit9 eliminates the endpoint and server security blind spot by providing:

  • A policy-driven approach for identifying trusted software in any environment and denying everything else by default.
  • Complete visibility, from a single console, into the files, executions and critical system resources on every machine under Bit9 protection.
  • Real-time detection and prevention of advanced threats, zero-day attacks, and malware that evade traditional signature-based detection tools.
  • Improved IT systems performance by standardizing endpoint configurations

Helping to Achieve Compliance

By eliminating vulnerable and malicious applications and providing configuration, change and process control, Bit9 helps educational institutions comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act:

  • Helps protect students from running unauthorized or malicious software that can spread on the network
  • Insulates endpoints and servers from data leakage by allowing only authorized applications to run
  • Monitors systems to ensure no unauthorized software is downloaded