Endpoint Security

Concerned about your endpoint security gap? Close it fast with Bit9.

Enterprises today use a wide array of resources, platforms and endpoint devices to drive their business forward, but these technologies leave organizations open to attackers looking to infiltrate critical systems and steal sensitive data. Traditional security products are insufficient for protect organizations against today’s advanced threats and malware. That’s why forward-thinking organizations are looking for a next-generation endpoint and server security solution.

The Bit9 Security Platform provides advanced threat protection for endpoints and servers. It quickly and effectively closes the endpoint security gap on desktops, laptops, POS systems and kiosks, SCADA systems and more. Bit9 is the only solution that continuously monitors and records all activity on endpoints and stops cyber threats that evade traditional security defenses. Bit9’s real-time sensor and recorder, cloud-based services, and real-time enforcement engine give organizations immediate visibility into everything running on their endpoints and servers; real-time signature-less detection and prevention of advanced threats; and a recorded history of all endpoint and server activity to rapidly respond to alerts and incidents.

The Bit9 Security Platform is the first advanced threat protection solution for endpoints and servers to provide a single, integrated management console that supports both Windows PCs and Macs.

With Bit9 you will:

  • Know what’s running on every PC and Mac—right now
  • Rapidly respond to alerts and incidents
  • Stop advanced threats without signatures
  • Reduce remediation time
  • Improve compliance

Close your endpoint security gap. The Bit9 Security Platform delivers:

Visibility: Know what’s running on every endpoint and server—immediately.

Detection: Detect advanced threats in real-time—without signatures

Response: A full history about what’s happened on every endpoint and server

Prevention: Leverage a real-time enforcement engine to proactively prevent malicious software from installing and executing on endpoints and servers

Cloud-based reputation: Create rules that will automatically trust software downloaded by end users and pushed by IT based on its reputation in the Bit9 Software Reputation Service. This enables you to reduce your IT overhead and maintain greater end-user flexibility while maintaining your security posture.

Advanced Threat Indicators: The Bit9 Security Platform provides you with a set of Advanced Threat Indicators (ATIs) that look for (potential) threats within your endpoints. ATIs are based on advanced indicators of compromise that examine not only static, but also real-time and time-based event information to identify suspicious files and activities. With our ATIs, Bit9 is uniquely able to identify threats before they compromise your environment, as well as those that may be in progress or those that may have run in the past.

Seamless synchronization with virtual environments: Bit9 is the first trust-based security solution optimized for virtual environments including terminal services, VDI and both persistent and non-persistent implementations.

File integrity monitoring and control: With Bit9 you’ll have continuous, real-time file integrity monitoring and control to protect your critical configuration files from unauthorized changes to meet file integrity monitoring and audit trail rules.

Advanced device control: Limit the use of portable storage devices to an authorized set—for example, encrypted drives only. Bit9 enables you to enforce read, write and execute policies for both data and software on USB keys and other such removable media. Devices can be banned or approved by specific device type or by specific device by serial number.

Baseline drift: Real-time software tracking enables comparisons against approved configurations to visually identify users or systems that are high risk, out of compliance, or are likely to generate frequent support calls.

Enterprise scalability: Server and agent communication is optimized to handle hundreds of thousands of agent connections.

Antivirus replacement: Free up considerable system resources, extend the lifecycle of your hardware, and eliminate the renewal costs associated with antivirus


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