The Basel Capital Accord (Basel II) provide large, internationally active banking organizations a uniform approach to risk-management practices. The accord contains  recommendations by bank supervisors and central bankers to improve the consistency of capital regulations internationally, make regulatory capital more risk sensitive, and promote enhanced risk-management practices among international banking organizations.

To safeguard the financial security of customers and avoid the consequences of non-compliance, Basel II requires rigorous change management along with the ability to detect and remediate changes quickly and report them in routine audits.

The key functional area for Bit9 that enhances BASEL II compliance is built around visibility. The ability to audit directories containing financial data as well as controlling and building trust around the software used to work with this financial data is key to maintaining and assessing compliance.

By providing File Integrity Monitoring and Control capabilities (FIM/FIC), along with continuous, real-time monitoring Bit9 can protect your critical files from unauthorized changes to meet file integrity monitoring and audit trail rules.

The Bit9 trust-based security platform provides real-time file tracking that facilitates a live inventory of all executable files that currently reside on all of your systems as well as any executable that has ever been on a computer regardless of its current status, allowing you to identify high-risk files quickly and accurately.