Integrate Your Network Security with Your Endpoint Security

Until now, your network security and endpoint security have operated independently of each other. Bit9 has changed all that. Bit9 integrates in real-time with FireEye, Palo Alto Networks, and a variety of SIEM (Security Incident Event Management) tools to support  a unified, holistic approach to enterprise security.

  • When FireEye or Palo Alto Networks detects malware on the network, Bit9 automatically tells you if the malware has landed or executed on any of your endpoints or servers.
  • By knowing what’s happening on your endpoints you can immediately prioritize the alert, determine the scope of the threat and target your remediation efforts.
  • Using Bit9′s unique “detonate-and-deny” approach you can automatically send any new files that land on your endpoints or servers to FireEye and Palo Alto Networks for detonation and analysis.
  • Bit9’s alerts and information can be integrated with a variety of SIEMs.



  • Prioritize network alerts by correlating them with Bit9’s real-time endpoint sensor and recorder data.
  • Speed investigation by locating every instance of a suspicious file across your endpoints and servers.
  • Quickly contain and remediate threats by enforcing endpoint and server security policies, stopping an attack and preventing it from happening again
  • Analyze files—both automatically and on-demand—that arrive on your endpoints and servers to quickly determine their risk
Video: Bit9 Connector First Real-time Endpoint and Network Security Integration Solution

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