Advanced Threat Prevention

Stop Advanced Attacks with Proactive, Customizable Malware Protection

Signature-based security solutions are no longer sufficient to protect your organization against advanced and targeted threats. You need a proactive endpoint advance threat prevention solution that provides multiple forms of prevention to stop advanced attacks from infiltrating your organization.

With the Bit9 Security Platform, you can take back control of endpoints to stop attacks before they occur by leveraging three distinct forms of advanced threat prevention. Together, Bit9 dramatically reduces an organization’s attack surface while providing administrators the flexibility they need to ensure the right balance between protection and access.

Three Forms of Advanced Threat Prevention:



The heart of Bit9’s proactive prevention capabilities, our proven approach to policy-driven and trust-based application control has been optimized to make it easy to ensure only software you trust runs in your environment.



Using advanced threat indicators from the Bit9 + Carbon Black Threat Intelligence Cloud, this signature-less approach to prevention can automatically identify and ban malicious files either on a single-machine or across your environment.



Leveraging next-generation detonation services, Bit9 can automatically submit endpoint files for detonation and evaluation. If found to be suspicious, Bit9 can either automatically ban or submit the file for IT review and approval.

Regardless of your organization’s size, risk profile, or mission, Bit9 + Carbon Black is the only security provider that empowers you to choose from three different forms of prevention to deploy the right level of protection for each stakeholder in your organization.

Bit9 + Carbon Black Advanced Threat Prevention Model

Bit9 + Carbon Black