Endpoint Protection - Advanced Endpoint Protection

Forward-thinking organizations are looking for a new approach to endpoint protection


Today’s organizations are using a wide array of resources, platforms and endpoint devices to drive their business forward. But these technologies are leaving organizations open to attackers seeking to infiltrate critical systems and steal sensitive data. Traditional security solutions are insufficient in protecting organizations against today’s advanced threats and malware. That’s why forward-thinking organizations like yours are looking for a new approach to endpoint protection.

Bit9’s Trust-based Security Platform represents a new, proactive approach that will close your endpoint security gap. With Bit9 you’ll:

  • Allow software you trust to run in your environment—and deny everything else by default
  • Continuously monitor and record all activity on your endpoints using a real-time endpoint sensor
  • Have full visibility into what is running on any system at any time from any location
  • Detect and stop all forms of malware, including customized attacks uniquely targeted at your organization that evade signature-based approaches
  • Reduce administrative effort and user impact
  • Have a scalable solution that fits organizations of all types and sizes


Enterprise scalability: Bit9 is the first enterprise-class, trust-based security solution that scales up to 250,000 endpoints per console, giving you confidence that your entire enterprise is truly protected from today’s advanced threats.

Optimized for virtual environments: Chances are you’re using virtualization somewhere in your enterprise—whether it’s VDI, virtualized servers, terminal services or session virtualization. In all cases, Bit9 is optimized for the specific needs of virtual environment so you enjoy top performance and security.

Lowest administrative effort and user impact:  Bit9 is the only solution with both IT-driven trust policies (for software that IT “pushes” to users) and cloud-driven trust policies (for software that users “pull” from the cloud and install themselves) to minimize administrative effort and user impact when addressing endpoint protection. Early whitelisting/application control solutions required a lot of effort to maintain large lists of trusted files, and users were often blocked from running essential software. Bit9 uses a policy-based approach that many organizations say requires less effort to manage than antivirus. 

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