Retail Security & Compliance Solution

Retailers – Protect Your Brand and Bottom-line with Endpoint Threat Prevention, Detection & Response

Whether you are visited in-store or online an incredible shopping experience is critical for repeat business, growth and loyalty to your brand. You leverage technology, interconnectivity, portable devices, cloud services and social networking to support both access and communication, as well as easy browsing and purchasing for your shoppers. However, these conveniences have created vulnerabilities to your infrastructure and your customers.

You’re building toward an Omnichannel Experience for customers, but are you confident you and your team:

  • Retail-300x265Can lock down you POS systems, block unauthorized portable devices and secure remote assets?
  • Know every piece of software running on your endpoints and servers?
  • Mitigate weakness in third-party services and applications?
  • Can protect your aging systems that are running unsupported software?
  • Are able to limit applications to those approved for use?
  • Detect unauthorized changes to files including configurations and logs?
  • Ensure PCI compliance and determine accountability?

Endpoints are Blind Spots that Lead to Liability

Endpoint-Liability-300x204If you’ve deployed antivirus on your endpoints—you’re blind to zero-day and other advanced attacks. If you’re relying on scan-based security—you’re missing pockets of time and likely targeted attacks infiltrating your organization. And if you’ve only secured your perimeter—you’re missing any threats that land on your endpoints.

Since 2005 almost 300 million credit card records have been compromised because of hacking and malware (IBM). Deploy a proactive security strategy across all of your customer-facing and back-office endpoints and servers.

Secure the customer experience with the Bit9 + Carbon Black Security and Compliance Solution for the Retail & Hospitality Industries

Ensure Security Maintain Compliance Protect Systems & Applications Build on Existing Tools
Complete Security Threat Intelligence Audit & Compliance Controls Broadest OS Coverage Open API Integration
Complete Security Threat Intelligence Audit & Compliance Controls Broadest OS Coverage Open API Integration
Continuous Monitoring Attack Attribution File Integrity Monitoring & Control Mac Network Security
Continious Recording Advanced Threat Indicators Change Management Monitoring Windows SIEMs
Signature-less Threat Prevention Reputation Services Leading Anti-Malware Protection Linux Analytics
Instant & Customizable Detection Threat Intelligence from custom third-party & proprietary sources Automate Log Analysis & Reporting EOL Systems & Unsupported Software Home-Grown or Custom Tools
On – or – Off Network


The result is a focused security and compliance program that aligns resources and budgets with real threats and real risk

Lock down every POS device and secure customer information with Bit9 + Carbon Black’s advanced threat detectionincident response and prevention solution for endpoints and servers. Close the security and regulatory gaps exploited by targeted attacks and unknown malware that antivirus solutions cannot stop. Built on a positive security approach, Bit9 + Carbon Black converges compliance and security, providing visibility, detection, response and protection, and automating and managing compliance for PCI DSS and other standards and regulations.

Gain the ability to:

Bit9 + Carbon Black