SCADA System Compliance

Looking for a more effective way to ensure the security of your SCADA systems?

With today’s evolving threat landscape and increasing compliance requirements, critical system operators are searching for new security solutions to protect their systems and the infrastructures they command. Most supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system implementations were designed before malicious cyber threats were top of mind. Unfortunately, this is proving dangerous as attackers use sophisticated malware to target and compromise critical industrial control systems in enterprises ranging from mining plants and utility installations to oil refineries and gas production facilities.

Bit9 offers advanced threat protection for endpoints and servers that will ensure the integrity of your SCADA monitoring systems and help meet the compliance requirements set forth by North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC). Bit9 provides real-time visibility and detection of all software changes on your systems and stops advanced malware from executing.

The Bit9′s Security Platform ensures the integrity of SCADA monitoring systems:

  • Preventing unauthorized software: All new software is validated and checked against an authorized list.
  • Blocking unauthorized portable storage devices: You can easily block USB drives, CDs, etc., and you can ban or approve devices by type or serial number so only pre-authorized devices can execute.
  • Auditing all software changes: All changes to applications are recorded, which provides a comprehensive audit trail and accountability.

By stopping vulnerable and malicious applications and delivering configuration, change and process controls, Bit9 helps utility companies achieve SCADA system compliance by:

  • Proactively monitoring and controlling configurations
  • Preventing malware, targeted attacks and unauthorized applications
  • Detecting and monitoring all software changes
  • Controlling the use of removable storage devices and USBs
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