Server Security

Servers hold your corporate intellectual property and are the target of advanced threats

With 54 percent of stolen data coming from servers1 it’s not surprising that organizations across all industries are searching for a better way to protect their servers from advanced threats. Traditional security solutions, such as antivirus, cannot keep up with the sophistication and speed of today’s attacks. That’s why forward-thinking companies are seeking a next-generation security solution to meet their evolving needs.

While enterprises have traditionally relied on blacklisting technologies, these solutions are ineffective against today’s advanced threats. The Bit9 Platform is the only advanced threat protection solution for endpoints and servers that continuously monitors and records all activity on servers and stops cyber threats that evade traditional security defenses. Bit9’s real-time sensor and recorder, cloud-based services, and real-time enforcement engine give organizations immediate visibility to everything running on their servers; real-time signature-less detection and prevention of advanced threats; and a recorded history of all endpoint and server activity to rapidly respond to alerts and incidents. What’s more, Bit9 is the only next-generation security solution optimized for virtual desktops and servers and it requires less IT and security administrator effort than any other solution.

Bit9 can help you meet your server security project goals by:

  • Continuously monitoring your critical configuration files with a real-time sensor and recorder so you have immediate visibility from a single console into the files, executions, devices and critical system resources on every server
  • Defining and enforcing trust policies that enable you to easily and effectively maintain your systems and minimize server “touches” while in a locked-down state
  • Improving server operations with a policy-based solution that that many organizations say requires less effort to manage than antivirus

1Verizon 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report

Allow Only Trusted Software to Install and Execute on Your Servers

IT- driven trust: Set trust policies for software “pushed” by IT. These dynamic policies are aligned with IT-confirmed trusted sources such as software publishers, internal software repositories, software delivery and patch management solutions.

Enhanced device control: Prevent data leakage and unintentional or intentional direct loading of malware by limiting the use of portable storage devices to an authorized set, type or even to a specific serial number.

Monitor and Control File and Registry Access and Changes to Maintain Optimal Security and Compliance

File Integrity Monitoring/Control: Continuous, real-time monitoring and control to protect your critical configuration files from unauthorized changes to meet file integrity monitoring and audit trail rules.

Real-time software inventory: Reliable inventory of all software to help you identify what is running on your servers, and where.

Baseline drift: Visually identify servers that are no longer similar to a baseline image. This will help you to identify high-risk users and servers.

Registry protection: Create rules to protect or report on changes to specific registry key/value patterns.

Virtual Environments are Vulnerable to Advanced Threats

Real-time protection: Bit9 is the first advanced threat protection security solution optimized for virtual desktops and servers. By allowing only trusted software—and nothing else—to run, you will have confidence that you are protected against advanced threats.

Terminal services:
When multiple users are sharing the same operating environment, events and notifications are associated with the appropriate user.

Baseline image templates:
Bit9 is optimized to support the use of cloned images and non-persistence in your virtual environment. Images created from a master image are not put through the standard initialization process, eliminating CPU and network utilization for increased performance and efficiency.

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