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Bit9 Security Platform for SIEM Solutions

For security information event management (SIEM) consoles, the Bit9 Security Platform for endpoints and servers delivers unique information to help increase your security awareness. By leveraging Bit9’s deep integration with leading SIEM platforms, you can rest assured that you’re covered by the most effective protection against modern cyber-security threats.

When integrated into a SIEM console, Bit9 provides enterprises with a holistic view to ensure that an open network isn’t a vulnerable one, and provides a defense-in-depth security strategy that spans network sensors and endpoints. Data from IDS/IPS, firewalls and intelligence indicators can be correlated with information from endpoints and servers to detect dangerous code in motion and at rest. Security teams are alerted to entry vectors of attack, including from USB devices, the arrival of unapproved executables and suspicious indicators, such as a file trying to hide itself.

By improving endpoint and server visibility and utilizing sophisticated tracking of suspicious activities, you will be able to filter hundreds of millions of events down to a few dozen—significantly reducing the time it takes to investigate security incidents.

The Bit9 Platform eliminates the endpoint and server blind spot, providing:

  • Visibility: know what’s running on every endpoint and server right now
  • Detection: detect advanced threats in real time without signatures
  • Response: a complete history about what’s happened on every endpoint
  • Prevention: stop untrusted software from executing
  • Integration: Narrow hundreds of millions of events down to a few dozen by correlating real-time endpoint sensor data with the SIEM
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