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Having real-time visibility across the enterprise is essential for responding quickly to today’s advanced security threats, so adopting endpoint, network, analytics and SIEM solutions that integrate and work together is critical to building a modern security infrastructure.

The Bit9 + Carbon Black Solution brings real-time visibility, detection, response and prevention to all of your organization’s endpoints and servers and can be easily integrated with most leading analytics and SIEM solutions, such as IBM QRadar, HP ArcSight, LogRhythm, RSA and Splunk.

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When integrated with a SIEM console, the Bit9 + Carbon Black Solution provides your team with a holistic view of all network and endpoint activity to ensure that an open network isn’t a vulnerable one, and provides a defense-in-depth security strategy that spans network sensors and endpoints.

Data from IDS/IPS, firewalls and intelligence indicators can be correlated with information from endpoints and servers to detect dangerous code both in motion and at rest. Security teams are alerted to entry vectors of attack, including from USB devices and the arrival of unapproved executables and suspicious indicators.

With the quantity and sophistication of attacks increasing, having the ability to quickly filter through thousands or millions of alerts and identify the most high-risk threats quickly is of the utmost importance. By improving endpoint and server visibility and providing SIEM operators real-time tracking of suspicious activities, the Bit9 + Carbon Black Solution provides SIEM operators with the endpoint data and context they need to quickly filter through alerts and automatically identify those with the greatest risk profiles—significantly reducing the time required to investigate and properly respond to security incidents.

Integrating Bit9 with our SIEM dashboards has taken our security to the next level.”
– IT administrator, large university

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