Do you know what’s running on your endpoints and servers—right now?

Most security and IT teams have no idea.

If you suspect malware is in your environment, how can you tell:

  • What machines it’s on?
  • Where it started?
  • Where it spread?
  • What it did?

Bit9’s lightweight, real-time endpoint sensor provides visibility for “all software, all the time” to tell you what is happening across all of your endpoints, servers and fixed-function devices—right now.

Bit9 also maintains a full recording of the information it sees in real time, enabling you to ‘rewind the clock’ and examine the history for your entire enterprise from a single console. All the information is immediate; you won’t wait for any sweeps, scans or polls.


From one console, you’ll immediately see this information for every computer in your enterprise:

  • Executable file information. Real-time file tracking provides a live inventory of any file with executable code that arrives and executes on any of your computers, with a full audit trail of what created it, when it was created, what it did, if it deleted or changed itself, and more.
  • File trust ratings. Immediately see the Bit9 trust rating for every file. Is it malicious? Has it been seen by any Bit9 customer before? Can you trust it?
  • File propagation. Track—in real time—where files were first seen, if they propagated to other machines, if they executed, etc.
  • Critical system resources. Bit9 gives you real-time visibility into all of your critical system resources. You’ll see suspicious process behavior, unauthorized memory changes, suspicious changes to your registry and files, unauthorized USB devices, and more.
  • Versions of Java. Are concerned about how many versions of Java are on your systems? You should be. Bit9 can tell you how many versions of Java are on each computer so you can take action.

Using configurable dashboards you will create snapshots of the information that is critical to managing your environment so you can see how it changes over time. For example, you can create ‘drift reports’ that show how the inventory of software on a particular computer is changing over time and if its risk profile is increasing.

Real-time visibility and recording are key elements of Bit9’s advanced threat detection, prevention, response,  and integration capabilities.

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