Continuous Endpoint Visibility

Know what’s happening on every computer right now

Many enterprise security solutions claim to offer continuous endpoint visibility—reactively scanning, sweeping or polling your environment for a set list of known indicators or signatures. But this approach can take hours for a single result, disrupt the performance of your organization’s endpoints, and miss insight into root cause and lateral movement of an attack.


Bit9 + Carbon Black offers industry-leading endpoint visibility by continuously recording the critical data necessary to utilize multiple forms of threat prevention, build customized threat detection, and respond at the moment of compromise. By proactively recording and maintaining the relationships of every file execution, file modification, registry modification, and network connection and maintaining a copy of every executed binary, Bit9 + Carbon Black delivers instant answers to complex security questions.


For years, security operations (SecOp) teams have been clamoring for the data to enable them to do their jobs better and faster. With Bit9 + Carbon Black, SecOp teams can now focus on innovating their security processes and procedures, instead of reactively wasting time leveraging antiquated forensic tools or outdated antivirus products for their endpoint visibility.

With AV, You’re Blind on your Endpoints

With Bit9 + Carbon Black, you don’t have to wait for remote employees to reconnect with your corporate network to maintain visibility—you get seamless and continuous endpoint visibility on or off the network. Bit9 + Carbon Black also offers the most robust platform coverage in the industry—supporting Windows, Mac and Linux. All data is stored in a central server on your premises for easy remote access to your organization’s recorded history.

Bit9 + Carbon Black’s endpoint sensors have no discernable performance impact and are lightweight so you can easily deploy them to every endpoint, server and POS system in your environment—requiring little to no configuration. Bit9 + Carbon Black scales to the largest of enterprises, giving your organization the ability to deploy hundreds of thousands of sensors effortlessly. From one console, you can view your entire enterprise at a glance.

Video: Carbon Black Version 5.0
Video: Carbon Black 5.0: The Industry's Most Complete IR Solution
Bit9 + Carbon Black Continuous Endpoint Visibility

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Disrupting the Threat: Identify, Respond, Contain & Recover in Seconds

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