Threats We've Stopped

Flame. Gauss. The malware that caused the RSA breach. Three high-profile advanced threats. All stopped by only one security company: Bit9.

Antivirus solutions cannot stop advanced threats—such as zero-day and targeted attacks—because AV can only detect malware with previously seen signatures. Attacks such as Flame and Gauss are so dangerous because they were unknown when they hit their targets. AV simply can’t protect your enterprise against today’s sophisticated malware attacks.

Only the Bit9 Security Platform offers next-generation of endpoint and server security that includes a real-time sensor and recorder, cloud-based services, a real-time enforcement engine and the ability to set policies that define what software you trust to execute on your systems. Everything else is stopped. Everything.

When Flame, Gauss and the malware behind the RSA breach threatened our customers, Bit9 stopped the attacks from executing. We didn’t have to wait for in-depth analysis of the malware. We stopped them immediately because we knew they were not trustworthy. No execution means no loss of data, no damage to your organization’s reputation, and no time-consuming and costly remediation.

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Bit9 Whiteboard - Bit9 Stops Advanced Malware 'Flame'

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