What Makes Bit9 Unique?

Key Differentiators

Bit9 is the leader in advanced threat protection for endpoints and servers. Six characteristics distinguish Bit9 from other endpoint and server security offerings:

1. One agent for real-time visibility, detection, response and prevention

Lowest impact on systems, admins and users.

You want to minimize the number of agents deployed on your endpoints and servers. Bit9 gives you one lightweight agent that performs multiple tasks—visibility, detection, response and prevention — and replaces other agents that only perform single tasks. This minimizes the impact on your systems, admins and users, and lowers your total cost of ownership.

database2. The only real-time monitoring and recording of endpoints and servers:

Actionable intelligence for every endpoint and server.

Bit9 provides the only real-time sensor that continuously monitors and records all activity on your endpoints, servers and fixed-function devices to give you actionable intelligence. Bit9 tracks and records everything in real-time: the arrival and execution of binaries (including executables, installers, system services, etc.), critical system resources, changes to memory, process violations, attached USB devices, file changes, and more. From a single console, you will know what is running on any system in real time and have a complete recorded history of all activity on every endpoint and server. This enables you to prioritize alerts (“Is this suspicious file on any of my machines? Did it execute?”), decode the evolution of a threat (“Where did it start? Where did it spread? What did it do?”), and accelerate remediation (“We need to address these specific machines”).

Network Integration
3. Real-time integration with network security

Faster response and remediation.

A first-of-its-kind integration with network security solutions such as FireEye and Palo Alto Networks provides:

  • Fast Alert Prioritization: Bit9 automatically correlates network security alerts from FireEye or Palo Alto Networks with Bit9’s real-time endpoint data to tell you if malware has reached any of your endpoints.
  • Real-time Threat Detection: Locate every instance of a suspicious file identified by FireEye or Palo Alto Networks across your endpoints and servers to accelerate your response.
  • On-demand Analysis and Remediation: Automatically–or on demand–submit all new files arriving on your endpoints and servers to FireEye or Palo Alto Networks WildFire to identify malicious files and immediately stop them from spreading.

crossplatform4. Cross-platform support

Protect all of your endpoints.

Bit9 is the only next-generation endpoint and server security solution that runs on Windows and Mac machines. With Bit9, you’ll have the same level of security across both Windows and Mac platforms including immediate visibility to everything running on your Windows and Mac endpoints and servers, real-time signature-less detection of and protection against advanced threats, and a recorded history of all Windows and Mac endpoint and server activity to rapidly respond to alerts and incidents.

OnOffNetwork5. On- and off-network protection

Protect remote and disconnected users.

Remote and disconnected users raise your risk profile because your network security tools can’t protect them. Because Bit9 is resident on your users’ machines, it constantly protects your users even if they disconnect from your corporate network or insert a USB drive, connect a cell phone, etc. And Bit9 continues to record everything while the endpoint is disconnected, so you maintain full visibility.

unique-46. Proven reliability and scalability

More deployments than any other solution of its type.

Bit9 is a proven success, with 1,000 deployments across major organizations, far more than any comparable offering. Bit9 is Windows certified, so you can trust it to operate consistent with Microsoft’s standards. And Bit9 scales to hundreds of thousands of users to handle the largest of environments. Bit9 has stopped the most advanced attacks, including Flame, Gauss and the malware responsible for the RSA breach. Organizations of all sizes—from 25 Fortune 100 companies to small businesses—use Bit9.

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