A new generation of threats is attacking your endpoints and servers—you need to arm your endpoints.

Today’s attackers are after the data and intellectual property on your endpoints and servers. If you’re only relying on traditional endpoint security, such as antivirus, or network security, you’re putting your organization at risk. AV doesn’t see or stop targeted attacks, nor does it help you respond to an incident. And if an attack bypasses your network security, your endpoints will be compromised.

You need to arm your endpoints so that you can easily see and immediately stop advanced threats.

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You’re blind on your endpoints and servers

Do you know what’s happening on your endpoints and servers—right now? Most security teams have no way of knowing. If you suspect malware is in your environment, how can you tell what machines it’s on? Is it executing? What is it doing?



You need real-time visibility into every endpoint and server so you can see all file modifications, all file executions, all registry modifications, all network connections and the relationships between them. This visibility must be realtime and continuous: most malware does its damage within minutes and then morphs or deletes itself. Scans and snapshots aren’t good enough. You need to know what’s resident and running right now.

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You can’t know what’s “bad” ahead of time

Are you still relying on your AV vendor to identify malware and send you signatures? That worked 20 years ago, but there’s no way AV vendors can keep up with the today’s tidal wave of malware. And they’ll never detect unique attacks targeted at you. You can’t depend on a technology that only detects malware that has already been detected before.


You need to see and record everything, and use “big data” analytics combined with a threat intelligence service for real-time signature-less detection. Rather than try to detect malware via signatures, you need to look for the indicators of advanced threats

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Incident response is too slow and expensive

You should assume you will be compromised at some point—and what will you do about it? If you suspect a particular malicious hash is in your environment, how long will it take you to figure out what machines it’s on, how it got there, what it did, and where it is now? For most companies this will take weeks or months. And you can’t afford to call in an expensive third party every time you think you’ve been attacked.


You need a recorded history about everything that’s happened on your endpoints and servers combined with a Live Response capability to remotely inspect any machine and intervene with the attack. Instantly see the “kill chain” for the attack: where it started, what it did, where it is now, and what you should do about it. And once you have clearly identified the attack, you need to immediately contain and control it by blocking its execution on every computer at once.

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Traditional endpoint security doesn’t stop advanced threats

If AV vendors can’t detect today’s malware fast enough, they surely can’t stop it, either. Traditional endpoint and server protection is reactive and stops only what’s been seen before. That just doesn’t work anymore.


You need proactive prevention techniques that are not based on signatures. And because you have different machines and users—servers, domain controllers, fixed-function devices, high-risk users, general users, etc.—you need multiple prevention techniques that you can customize for each group of machines or users. You need to be in charge of your own prevention—not waiting for an AV vendor to provide it.

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Your network security doesn’t integrate with your endpoint security

How do you prioritize the myriad network security alerts that your receive? How do you know if the suspected malware landed on your endpoints or if it executed? And how do you stop it?


You need to integrate your endpoint security with your network security for real-time response and remediation. Immediately correlate network alerts with endpoint data to know where the malware landed, what it did, how severe the threat is—and immediately stop it from executing.

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